Library under the Treetops is a project led by the Institute Divja misel. As a think-tank, this institute keeps developing ideas, designing and implementing projects that present socially relevant themes in an attractive, contemporary and inspiring ways.

You might come across our activities under a treetop, where we might be caught book-in-hand, rewiring our brain. Or perhaps we might meet at the Vodnik Homestead in the Ljubljana-based Šiška quarter, in the House of Reading, Writing and Storytelling we are currently managing. We also read our emails regularly and are thrilled to receive any feedback, as well as cheeky thoughts.

We are also always prepared to intertwine our treetops with like-minded creative spirits.

Project Manager:

Press Information:

Tina Popovič
040 546 817

Irena Plešivčnik
040 162 739