The Library under the Treetops is a project of the Divja Misel institute, which has managed the Vodnik Homestead in Šiškasince 2015, and which runs the coordination office as part of the permanently acquired title Ljubljana, UNESCO City of Literature. Through numerous collaborations, Divja Misel creates and supports spaces of literature and spreads the love of books and reading in modern and inspiring ways.

The Library under the Treetops is a protected brand that connects a multitude of diverse committed organizations and individuals. With an imaginative and attractive infrastructure, a well-thought-out choice of locations, and a selection of quality literature, we establish recognizable free reading islands in the capital, throughout Slovenia, and abroad. Divja Misel coordinates the project at the national level and directly implements five units in Ljubljana. We manage the vast majority of the reading treetops in partnership with our partner organizations and individuals.

Where do all these great books come from?
The books and periodicals on our shelves are almost entirely donated by many publishing and newspaper houses, which support us with new, current editions every year. Without their persistent and generous support, the materials offered by the Library under the Treetops would not be nearly as excellent, diverse, and accessible.

We always select the books with a great deal of care. We strive to promote quality literature and design the content of each unit with the space and diverse visitors in mind. Among the collected books, newspapers and magazines, all genres and many formats are represented, especially those best suited to the quiet environments of the chosen urban areas. The selection of books is always wide in order to appeal to both demanding readers and those with a little less reading endurance.

Do you know magical corners, lush reading treetops, and would like to take care of your own little library?
New units crop up each year, and such initiatives never fail to make us happy; we always like to join our treetops with like-minded people.
Get in touch!

Can I donate books?
At the Vodnik Homestead, as well as the Tivoli and Trnovski Pristan units, books circulate in green boxes. You can bring the books you wish to donate there and take the ones on offer.

Who’s behind the Treetops?

Throughout the years, books have been generously donated (which we never take for granted!) by:

Ara založba, Avrora AS d.o.o., *cf , Beletrina, Biotechnical Faculty - University of Ljubljana,Buča, Celjska Mohorjeva družba, Cankarjeva založba, ČZD Kmečki glas, Delo, Debora, Didakta, Društvo 2 koluta, Društvo za širjenje filmske kulture KINO!, Slovene Writers' Association, Društvo arhitektov DAL , eBesede, UL - Faculty of Architecture, Genija, Hiša poezije, Karantanija, Krtina, Sci-highs, Pólica Dubova Cultural and Artistic Association, KUD Sodobnost International, Lili in Roza, Litera, LUD Literatura, LUD Šerpa, Maska, Mestno gledališče ljubljansko,Miš, Mladinska knjiga,The Museum of Architecture and DesignOKA,Alpine Association of Slovenia, Plečnik House, Sanje, Sidarta, The Slovenian Cinematheque, Slovenska matica, Sophia, Stripburger, Studia Humanitatis, Striparna Stripolis, Škrateljc, ŠKUC-Vizibilija, Tangram, Totaliteta, Ustanova Fundacija Piranesi, V.B.Z., Umetniško izobraževalno društvo Praznina, Umco,The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Brasilia, Viharnik, FDV Publishing House,Goga Publishing,Malinc Publishing House, Založba Narava, Založba ZRC, Založba ZALA,U.S. Embassy Ljubljana staff, Ljubljana University Press, Faculty of Arts, Založba Pivec, Založba Primus - OKA, and Slovenian Book Agency.

This season, browsing through newspapers and magazines is kindly made possible by:

Bukla,Journal for the Critique of Science, Delo, Dnevnik, Ekran, Fotografija, Hiše, Kino!, Maska, MK revije, Mladina, Outsider, Poetikon, Razpotja, Rokus Klett.

Project conception and implementation:

Divja misel

From the very beginning, supported and financed by:

Ljubljana Tourism

On the national level, the Library under the Treetops is supported by:

Slovenian Book Agency

The Ljubljana Library under the Treetops is part of:

UNESCO City of Literature


Alpine Association of Slovenia, City of Ljubljana – Department for Culture, U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana, Municipality of Dobrova-Polhov Gradec, Municipality of Nova Gorica,  Municipality of Novo Mesto, Municipality and local community of Kanal ob Soči, Municipality of Kamnik, Municipality of Komenda, Municipality of Vrhnika, Municipality of Velike Lašče, Municipality of Logatec, Municipality of Lendava, Kulturno društvo Člen 7 za avstrijsko Štajersko.

Implementation partners in Ljubljana:

U.S. Embassy in Ljubljana, JZ Ljubljanska parkirišča in tržnice, University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana, Plečnik House-MGML, ŠKUC Association, DC Mala Ulica, Spominčica – Alzheimer Slovenija, Pionirski Dom, Četrtna skupnost Moste, Balinarsko športno društvo Fužine, Program CONA Fužine - Društvo SPM.

Partners in other cities:

MC Nova Gorica, Café Libero, ŠKD Nasmejanih in KLUB Kanalske mladine, JZ Polhograjska graščina, Planinsko društvo Domžale, Knjižnica Miklova hišaKnjižnica Franceta Balantiča Kamnik, Zavod Ivana Cankarja Vrhnika, Cankarjeva knjižnica Vrhnika, Kulturno društvo Člen 7 za avstrijsko Štajersko – Pavlova hiša, Trubar Homestead, Knjižnica Franceta Balantiča Kamnik, enota Komenda, Knjižnica Logatec, Gibanje Kultura - Natura Slovenija, Knjižnica – Kulturni center Lendava – Lendvai Könyvtár és Kulturális Központ, The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in CairoHeliopolis University for Sustainable Development.

The project office is provided by:

City of Ljubljana – Department for Culture

Digital reading:

Digital reading in Ljubljana is made possible by our cooperation with RAMPA - Laboratory for Hacking Science, Art and Society (Kersnikova Institute) and the ebooks donated by Beletrina.